1 Year Old Dell Laptop, Printer & Desktop Repair

Data/System Recovery

In the event of crash of hard disk of your system, we strive to recover the data to the fullest possible extent. The only thing we require from you is maintaining safety of hard drive till the time our professionals begin to work on it. Our data recovery services are very reasonable prices. We can assure you that with the latest data recovery technology, we are able to save your precious data from getting lost.

Motherboard Repair

Motherboards are one of the most expensive parts of the computer. These might need repair due to any number of issues that might arise in it. We provide motherboard repair service for any laptop and for most of the old models. It is not easy to find replacement motherboards for old computers, therefore, repairs are the only alternative and we provide this service to repair it in Faridabad area.

Hard Disk Repair

Hard disks can get damaged which might lead to loss of data stored in it. We are experts in repairing the hard disk and in extracting data from hard drive if it has been physically damaged due to any reason. We have specialised unit that is well manned and equipped to handle any type of damage to hard drive. Do not delay calling us if you want to repair or save data from your disk.

Virus/Software Problem

Has your system been affected by a computer virus? Even if you have the virus scanner and removal software installed in your system, there are good chances that it might not be able to clean the system completely. We make use highly advanced commercial versions of the software for virus removal which are highly effective. So, for complete removal of virus, do call us to scan your system.

LED Screen/Monitor & Blue Screen Repair

We Also Repair repair LED screen, monitor and blue screen problem.

LED/ Monitor Repair

Modern laptops and desktops come with the LED screens which work on advanced technology. If these get damaged, say by scratches, we can repair these at very low costs. Our LED screen repair service ensures that this is done with high-level of expertise.

Blue screen Repair

We also offer blue screen repair services for certain systems. If repairs are not possible, we also sale new LED screen at reasonable prices. We have different different companies Led/LCD, TV Led, HD LEd and Monitors at very affordable cost.

AMC Services

Save on many hassles and loss of money and time for want of quick repair and maintenance service. Sign up for our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service. Call us for details.

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Dell Service Center Faridabad

Dell is a prominent laptop manufacturing company reputed for its high performance products. Dell service center Faridabad gives full support to the sales team by taking care of all issues, if there are any, of laptop repair, replacement and maintenance. Feel free to contact us any time. Quick and quality service is our USP.

Dell Customer Care Faridabad : Do contact our Dell customer care in Faridabad at the given phone number or email ID any time. We are committed to providing you immediate solutions for laptop repair and maintenance tasks. We are duly equipped with tools and machines and well trained staff for resolving any type of issue in your model of laptop, irrespective of whether the model is latest or the oldest one.

Dell desktop Service Center : Dell desktop computers have an established market in India, just as the flagship laptops. These products are second to none in performance and durability. However, being delicate but complex machines, issues can crop up at times. Our Dell desktop service center specialises in taking care of these problems.

Dell Laptop Service Center : You can give us a call or drop an email to inform us about the issue with laptop. Our Dell laptop service center provides best service at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Whether you are an individual or a corporate, you will find our charges to be one of the lowest in market for any type of repair task.

Dell Helpline Support : Though you may not need Dell helpline support very often because of good quality products from Dell, you shall not worry even if there is any problem with your system. We strive to offer fast service to your total satisfaction so that you and your system is not parted for long. To ensure that your query reaches us, we provide multiple-channels of communication.

Nice experience got two things done one windows original and laptop battery.


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I got repaired my Dell laptop and I am quite happy with there services.


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I repair my Dell laptop from them and they give very good services to me.


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